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Personal Branding & Marketing for Artists

Reach a Global Collector's Market.Sell More Art.


Arts MediaLab is a digital branding & marketing consultancy empowering sales-focused artists with strategic solutions to grow their creative business, access a global collector's market & sell more art.. 


We specialise in web & digital media resources, delivering strategy, assets & campaigns that support creativity & advocate for higher accessibility of art & creative projects through digital technology.

Our goal is to remove tech & sales marketing minefields for you, give you back valuable time so you can create your expertise & become more profitable! 

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Personal Branding - You are your Brand. How to sell You
Brand Marketing Strategy - Foundation, Goals & Direction

Website Design, UX, UI - Set-up, Engagement & Flow

Story Telling & Copywriting - You story & Selling Points Matter 

Content Creation - Design, Language & Video that Work

Digital & Social Art Marketing - Direct targeting, More Sales

Social Media Management - Too busy? We'll do it For you​!

E-Commerce - Sell Smart, Sell More - on Site or on Social

SEO & Google Analytics - Get Ranking & Get Found

Photography & Video - Photoshoot & Video Production
Website & Social Accounts Audit - Research & Analysis

Coaching in Art Marketing - Sharing 25 years Experience

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Igniting Brands  through Engaging, Immersive Marketing Experiences by bringing Story, Collaboration, Sound & Visual Dynamics to Life, creating Reach, Engagement and Conversion.. 

1. Exceptional Reception for Artist Daniel Lismore 

          Producing a Venice Biennale Great. 

             Our fourth Venice showcase centered around art, innovation & lots ..


2. An Creator's Ode to Beauty 

          The Privilege of Creating the Beautiful.

            It is an extraordinary privilege to show off an artist's creations, a ...

3. Full Stack for a Design Diva

          Rebranding the Gem behind the Gemstones.

           When a man can can listen intently, learn from your depths & ... 

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