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Arts MediaLab is a digital branding & marketing consultancy empowering artists with strategic solutions to grow their creative business, access a global collector's market & sell more art.. 


We specialise in web & digital media resources, delivering strategy, assets & campaigns that support creativity & advocate for higher accessibility of art & creative projects through digital technology.


Our goal is to remove tech & sales marketing minefields for you, give you back valuable time so you can create your expertise & become more profitable! 


So that we can operate globally & continue to help artists around the world, we work remotely.

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You are your Brand

Collectors want to know you, recognise you, learn what inspires you, what you stand for and what you have to say. Branding creates that  recognition and forms a connection. Brand recognition in turn builds trust, loyalty & repeat sales. And ultimately profitability for you. This is your opportunity to distinguish yourself & have fun with it. No one can do you like you can. Let us help bring out your light, your passion & your personality, the genius behind your work. There is so much more depth to show & tell besides the just the work you create. 


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Engagement & Flow

Your website is your calling card, especially in this digital age; your work becomes  accessible to collectors who would not normally be able to travel to your studio, gallery, or show. We create dynamic portfolio websites that show your work off & create engagement with exciting fresh informative content.

Whether a new site or a re-brand, we will show off your work creating both desire & value.



Target your Market

Discovering, understanding & pinpointing our ideal client is a key game changer for getting your work in front of the eyes of those who want to buy your work. Our discovery process crystallises both your market & your brand message so you can speak concisely to your ideal client & create content with context & value. Social Media Marketing enables accurate targeting like never before. From funnels to FaceBook groups & Instagram marketing best practices, there are endless advatages to digital marketing creating profitable outcomes..


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Get Ranking & Get Found

The last things any artist wants to master are search engine optimisation or the marketing analytics of your site, social media post or your marketing ad's click success rate. Google's search listing requirements are specific & tricky.. Knowing what works to drive clients to your website (or gallery show) so they can experience & buy your work is indispensable to drive sales & increase profit. Let us take the overwhelm & confusion away so you can create your best work hassle free. We got this.





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Story & Hooks Matter

A concise message, an emotional hook, the essence of who you are are all part of solid brand & marketing strategy. They are vital to ensure success. The benefits of brand strategy reach beyond selling into both the value you bring as well as identifying your return on investment so you can increase your profit. Your story & the emotional connection it provides to your work convert 85% more than facts about the piece do alone. Weaving your story of why you do what you do allowing it to permeate content not only makes you unique, it elevates your whole game, creating an undeniable desire factor  We like to work closely with our clients so their content remains on brand from language to look.


Foundation & Direction

Having a strategy for your success is not only vital in ensuring success, the benefits are reach far beyond into your value, understanding your audience & identifying your return on investment so you can increase your profit. Let us help take you through the right steps in the right order to get the best from your online presence so you can turn your accounts into sales avenues & revenue streams. Digital marketing is here to stay. We'll give you the right strategy & tools to get there!

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Research & Analysis

A website or social media account audit is the best way to discover what has been working for you & where you can improve to drive more traffic to your site & sell more of your magic. The numbers simply tell it all. From an audit, a targeted & measurable strategy is derived to get your visibility & sales numbers where you need them to be. Easily done, and not time consuming, a simple, or detailed, audit is a great starting point as you kick off your 2022 art business strategy.


Too busy? We'll do it for you

We love creating content. From scripting story-telling carousels to building stunning video reels to topics & calls to action that engage your clients, we'll take a creative brief & liberate your time. Our social content management system links to our client's social media accounts without a client needing to log in or share passwords. It's a safe & easy way to show work for client approval & schedule uploads when clients are globe-wide.

Services can be priced individually or as a bespoke package to suit your needs & goals. 


Reach out in the form below with a query, for a quote or to schedule a complimentary 45min discovery consultation 


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We're Digital. We're Global.

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