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Each project we bring to life has an engaging story that we showcase & around which we strive to create an experiential or immersive branding and marketing opportunity for our clients. Our aim is not just to promote or market, but to create lasting relationship & measurable outcomes. We create unforgettable brand marketing experiences that keep clients coming back for more.



Humans connect with the stories that inspire them & the emotions those evoke. 

Arts MediaLab wants to hear your story & help you tell it.


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Each project we bring to life has an engaging story that we like to tell, showcase & around which we strive to create an experiential branding opportunity for our clients. Our aim is not just to promote or market, but to create engagement & a lasting impression, an unforgettable experience that keep people coming back for more.


                                                 Humans connect with the stories that inspire them & the emotions those evoke.

                                                 We want to hear yours & want to help you tell yours.

1. Exceptional Reception for Artist Daniel Lismore 

Producing a Venice Biennale Great. 


Our fourth Venice showcase centered around art, innovation & lots of creative extravagance.  
Our latest full production was again multi dimensional, and multi sensory. It where we can produce true experiential & immersive branding. Tasked to curate & produce a 4 day Innovation Campus in partnership with MIT, Hub Culture & Venice Biennale solo artist Daniel Lismore that involved design, site production, website applications, live auction bidding, digital marketing, round tables, living art & many fantastical creatures populating our ' Garden of Tomorrow'..
The 4 day affair culminated in a spectacular event showcasing a partial collection of Daniel Lismore's 'Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken' sculptures from his Biennale show (currently opening at The Herbert Gallery in Coventry), & hosting avid art lovers from continents near & far.  

The Project
Curation & event production, digital & social marketing & PR, a web-based micro-site hosting ticket sales, a curated live bidding auction, digital artwork, photography & video.


How do you create a an experience to remember & lead guests through a story? We created 'The Garden of Tomorrow', a surreal post-apocalyptic paradise of extraordinary creatures, mind bending crypto-dynamics from our MIT collaborators, larger than life sculptures & a live auction no-one saw coming brought to us by Vivienne Westwood. Last but not least the successful marketing achieved our most successful Venice experiential showcase to date. 

2. An Artist to Beauty 

The Privilege of Creating the Beautiful.

It is an extraordinary privilege to show off the beauty, an artist's creations, a life's work. Leila Boyd most certainly considers herself an artist as well as a business woman. She possesses a unique daring flair that she loves to exhibit in her work. Her creativity & talent are showcase worthy and come to life especially in the world fashion. The results of which give instant wow factor. This television, film & fashion make-up artist appointed  us to bring her brand to life.
The Project

Original fashion photography creative direction & execution on location, website UX, interface website design, development & build, an extensive interactive integrated portfolio gallery, continued site maintenance .
The project was delivered on time & on budget.

We delivered a dynamic, ever-growing calling card & a home to showcase her best work. Content & media heavy, we optimised the site to maximum effect. Our client went on to double her clientele & bookings, working regularly for some of the media greats.

3. Full Stack for a Design Diva

Rebranding the Gem behind the Gemstones.


When a man can listen intently, read your minds eye & create your dreams from his imagination, this is when you know you've found the One.  Luis-Miguel Howard is an artist, designer & an extraordinary craftsman of jewels, But behind the obvious sparkle, there has been an intriguing & fascinating story hidden, dynamism lacking & sales lagging. 
We created an entire re-brand of existing
 values, inspirations & visuals, a re-design of an out dated website & conducted in-depth research of history & heritage to give voice to the compelling life and background of this intriguing jewellery designer. The son of  one of Spain's most celebrated matadors & a beautiful english aristocrat who moonlighted as a decoder at Bletchley during the war, this divine gentleman has finally seen his clientele gush over the now celebrated heritage that has inspired his creations since his rebrand was launched.  

The Project
A 'full-stack' makeover that included  research, story copywriting, blog content strategy & writing, social media & site copywriting targeting click-through & conversion, website UX/UI, site creative direction & design, site build, SEO, on location photography & video, social media content creation, social media management, PR for new launches & event marketing & CRM. This client's ongoing project remains exciting.

sophisticated new brand, Increased social engagement as recorded by analytics, digital & social channels synched & on brand, with consistent design & messaging, value added to clients and a brand you would want to buy into. Site launch & data metrics to be revealed.